Social Marketing Consultation

I can work with your company to develop your overall content strategy and initial schedule, as well as training an in-house employee— a current public relations or marketing professional, an assistant, or an intern, for example —on the use of various social media websites.

Rates: $25/hour (off-site work)
$30/hour (on-site work)

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Below you can find a rough schedule for how my consultation process typically goes. Please note that your business’ requirements may differ from the sample. I can also work with limited budgets to provide the most effective consultation and implementation. Other factors that can affect my prices are the volume of the work requested and the deadline(s) involved; I also perform work for non-profit organizations at a discounted rate when my schedule permits.

Initial analysis 10 hours USD$250
Meeting to discuss findings report 1 hour    $25
Development of content strategy 5 hours    $125
Implementation and/or training 10 hours    $125
Final Meeting 1 hour    $25
Total    $675